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News about a potential delay in Windows Longhorn, the next major update to Windows XP, has quickly evolved from mindless analysts predictions to so-called fact, with several major tech news outlets reporting on Microsoft's supposed setbacks.

But Microsoft has never really announced a Longhorn release date, opting instead to refer to dates that are usually a few years out, owing to the complexity of what the company hopes to achieve with the Longhorn release.

However, the company is evaluating the schedule, making me wonder if all the pressure from users is finally settling in over in Redmond. Last week Microsoft called webmasters of Msnfan.com, Msnbase.nl, Msn6.nl, Msnnamen.nl, and with the request to stop using domain names with MSN in it."The press made an issue out of [the release date] for Windows 2000, made an issue out of the date versus an issue out of quality," he said. This was a monster release beyond anything we had tried to do. That will be followed by a broad first beta next year, said Jim Allchin, group vice president of Microsoft's Windows Platform Group, at the same summer event attended by Gates."Every [press] meeting was about, ' What's the date, and how far are you behind? Some Microsoft partners and customers said that they would welcome Longhorn delays and that there needs to be more time between major releases to allow Microsoft proper engineering time.822071 - Cannot View Some PNG Images Thanx Ethan: There are over 65 fixes MS has ready for IE6 SP2.To get a list, clickhere “Outlook mail counter” to place your outlook count on your desktop.

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