Updating firmware on hp tv

I go to search for wifi and it sometimes shows up quick then disappears most of the time nothing shows up.

Since the network is the issue I'm having, is there a reset option that does reset network connections/settings?Just to reiterate the problem and steps I've taken so far - Problem: Won't connect to wifi, network settings menu on tv disappears immediately after searching for networks.Firmware version is 1056, tried manually entering DNS to and (neither worked), then reset tv to factory settings.2days ago I called Samsung support who confirmed my firmware is the latest version (version 001056), they had me try manually entering DNS to or but this did not solve anything as many other threads have said this resolves connection issues.Also, before calling Samsung, I tried to mirror the tv IP settings to reflect those of my laptop or other devices which connect to my wireless network just fine, but this did not work either.

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