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"It's something Fred said tonight." Fred was how we had met.

He'd been on a year's study at my University all that time ago, and had been the lucky sod to have Tracy on his arm all through that year and beyond.

Someone had better have a good reason for this rude awakening.

In the darkness, I rubbed my eyes - attempting to rub the image of sinking into the ample cleavage of the blonde from my dreams.

My eyes could hardly keep off her body as I asked, "What's up?

It has to be something important..." I was in a hotel room, Tracy had come through the adjoining door which lay open to her lit bedroom.

" I could have sworn I heard my name being called, as I came to. "Sorry to wake you Dave, but I need your help with something." the owner of the female voice was now outside my door. " "Come in.", and a second later, my eyes were screwed up in pain, as the room light came on. I really didn't mean to wake you." My bleary eyes were now accustoming themselves to the invading light, but it would still take time to get fully used to it.

My surroundings were odd, something I could not put my finger on quite yet, but I sat up and answered. " my tongue was clearly still half asleep (obviously it was offended at being woken from the dream about the top-heavy blonde).

It took me a moment to get out of bed, and take myself and the icebucket. She beckoned me over, I thought she was going to go straight for me (I'd always slept in the nude), instead she went for the ice bucket, pulled out a cube and put it in her mouth.

An all natural, stunner - blonde (my weakness), high cheekbones, full chest, thin waist, full hips and long legs (as long as mine - she'd bet me when we first met, and I lost).

Wrap that up in a practically indecently sheer babydoll nightdress and you've got the picture.

Anything you want, please just ask'" again giving rise to more laughter, and a chest movement that caught more than my eye's attention. We'd gone to his favourite restaurant, and I'd been fawned over by his favourite waitress, to the point that he'd just blown a gasket. As I said no skin off my nose, I'd not come to see Fred, it was the others..Tracy really. You're here for another week, and he doesn't want to see you." "Fred needs to grow a pair." I downed the rest of my bourbon, before offering my glass to Tracy for a refill. I managed to take in the wonderful Tracy with my eyes again. Fred got nasty, and as we left he said some unkind words about you to me." "Well, if he can't say it to my face, it probably isn't worth worrying about." "He said, you've a massive cock, and shagged your way through University" she blurted out, and took a big gulp of bourbon before looking at me. "Ok, you've got to believe me when I say I didn't just shag my way through University." Partially true, having discovered girls at University, studying paled into insignificance, and I'd only just scraped a degree in my final year.

Tracy, looked at her glass, downed the contents, and poured us another. "However, for me, I'm just normal." Tracy looked straight into my eyes and said "Fred said that Mary says it is huge, and she couldn't pee properly for a week after a one night stand with you." Mary's 5' 1" body had struggled to accommodate me, but my recollection is that she left my room with a smile on her face the next morning.

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