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Recalls Incidents of her Life.”This would establish Avery’s birth year as 1809, which Avery “reckoned …

by the first falling of the stars, which occurred in the first few years of the 19th century.”The most famous “falling of the stars” was the Leonid Meteor Shower in 1833.

From among them the British selected some to be trained for war against their former masters, then shipped out the rest — by far the great majority — to be re-settled elsewhere.

Left behind on Tangier were, at length, about 700 men, who were put to work completing the fort, and from these were chosen about 200 to be trained for war.

Third of a four-part series During the War of 1812, the British, then in control of the Chesapeake Bay, issued and distributed a proclamation inviting Americans, anti-war whites as well as slaves, to join them in the war, promising that all who did would have “the choice of either entering into his Majesty’s sea or land forces, or of being sent as free settlers to the British possessions in North America or the West Indies.”Thousands of slaves answered the call, flocking to British ships which then headed for “Fort Albion” on Tangier Island.

She said she came to Asheville as the slave of Maj. Her connection with the Woodfin family, she said, was that her youngest son had gone to Woodfin’s place. Powell, near King’s Mountain, where she visited one of the first iron foundries in this section, known as Fulenwider Ironworks.”A year before the reporter’s visit, the Daughters of the Confederacy had recommended that a monument or “substantial memento be erected to Tempie, one of the oldest ‘mammies’ whose lullabies have hushed to peaceful slumbers the tender infancies of the past.”“Mammy went away, she tell me to stay/And take good care of de baby,” she might have sung to the white child in her charge.

To her own babe, she might have sung, “Dat little gal was borned rich an free/She’s de sap from out a sugah tree/But you are jes as sweet to me/My little colored chile.”In 1866, as society convulsed, Avery focused on her own and her home.

This portrait of Tempie Avery came to Pack Memorial Library’s N. Collection from Dianna Hays, whose grandmother, Pauline Bourne, daughter of clothing store owner M. Cathryn Mc Leod, Woodfin family researcher, working with Martha Warren, Tempie’s great-great-great granddaughter, will speak to City Council in support of the renaming at its Oct. Tempie’s story forms one part of an effort to enlarge the history of African-Americans in post-Civil War Western North Carolina. Staff at the North Carolina Room at Pack Memorial Library guess 1823. 18, 1917, reported she was 90 and had lived in Asheville 76 years.

A petition has been submitted to the city to rename the center the Tempie Avery Montford Community Center.

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