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You can sign up at the top of any page on the website and your details won’t be passed to any other company for marketing purposes.In England and Wales, we have complete freedom of testamentary disposition.If the deceased died without leaving a valid will, then his or her estate will be administered in accordance with the intestacy rules which are rules set down by statute as to who inherits what proportion of the estate.Those entitled to inherit under the intestacy rules include a spouse, civil partner and children.SAVVY TIP: In England and Wales, the Act that the challenge comes under is the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.In Scotland husbands, wives, civil partners and children have ‘legal rights’, which basically means they are entitled to a share in everything you own that’s not land or buildings no matter what is written in the will. There are lots of different situations when someone might challenge a will, but the kind of trigger events can be: – Step families.

The situations in which someone can challenge a will aren’t always straightforward.

SAVVY TIP: Adult children with mental health problems or a mental disability who had been provided for by a parent while they were still alive would be able to make a claim, but an adult child with independent means would be unlikely to succeed. Legal action can be expensive and time consuming Taking legal action is never likely to be cheap, but the cost of contesting a will, particularly in England or Wales, can be hefty. Quite often the disagreements are not just about the will but are the culmination of a long-standing family feud.

This means that it’s even harder to reach a settlement.

In other words, we can, in principle, leave our assets to whoever we wish by making a will.

Whilst a will is considered to be the “final say” by a testator, there are very strict rules about the will-making process.

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