Gal not updating cached exchange mode

Yes, Osa Sync can sync computers running different Outlook versions on different operating system versions together in one sync group so it doesn't matter which Outlook and Windows versions are used.What does the menu item 'check for changes on other computers' do?How does this work: Osa Sync keeps track of all changes made in a synced folder and copies these changes to temporary data files.Each other computer checks on a regular basis to see if there are any temporary files created and imports the changes into outlook.If you want to check for changes on other computers immediately and don't want to wait until the time interval (as set on the Osa Sync Options page) has elapsed click the Osa Sync menu option check for changes on other computers. minutes on the options page to 0, Osa Sync will stop the automatic checking for changes.

Osa Sync permanently monitors your synchronized folders for changes and creates update files if there are.Outlook Express also has a data store assigned as an OAB and Windows synchronizes all entries between the OE datastore and your Outlook contacts folder.If you create a new contact in OE it is also created (by Windows) in the Outlook contacts folder.You can deselect an Outlook item type for monitoring if you do not want to sync this item type at all.Deselecting an item type will gain performance because Osa Sync creates wrapper objects for each outlook folder if it's folder type is monitored.

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