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however, i like to wear it myself, and i think it's a very good choice of cologne for women. Guys, don't get caught up in the "Old man smell" foolishness...This fragrance gets me more compliments than anything I've ever owned.(Niche included).

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There are some nuanced changes versus fall and winter.Conclusion: Polo works very well for me in all but the hottest of days, works best from late fall to early spring.An absolutely classic chypre that feels as contemporary today as it did decades ago.I distinctly remember the enigma-effect when this was my signature for a year or so back in the 90's, so whilst I assume there have been the inevitable reformulations since then, I'm pleased that the spirit of this fragrance has been kept intact.Definitely one for chaps of a certain age such as myself, but because it still feels so contemporary, I see no reason why it shouldn't have a broader appeal (it certainly used to when I was a 30-something).

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