Dating nightmare

Trump showed this weekend that the former reality-show star can take enough stage direction to hug black and brown children at a hurricane shelter, but our president and his henchmen like Sessions remain incapable of truly embracing human decency, and the stubborn dignity of real Americans like Maria Castaneda, Anel Medina — and the late Alonso Guillen.

Hurricane Harvey — for all its destruction and heartbreak — was their opening for a reset.

But when the program to protect these young immigrants called “Dreamers” was launched during the Obama years, even the program’s biggest backers couldn’t have dreamed up a hero quite like Alonso Guillen.

Guillen — an undocumented Mexican migrant who’d come to Lufkin, Texas, when he was just 14 — graduated from Lufkin High School, went to church at his local Catholic parish, and — now grown up and with the protections offered by DACA — established a comfortable life working in construction and as a weekend DJ in his adopted hometown two hours north of Houston.

In a not particularly shocking development, Trump’s back-in-favor attorney general, Jeff Sessions, managed to make matters worse when — sent out to do his boss’ dirty work — he could barely contain his glee in announcing that DACA had been “rescinded” for the 800,000 humans he referred to as “illegal aliens” — all while prattling on about how unlawful immigration “has put our nation at risk of crime, violence, even terrorism.” Minutes earlier, the absurdity of America’s chief law enforcement officer was laid bare at a Philadelphia rally in front of the Justice Department’s local offices at Second and Chestnut Streets, where some 200 people — some carrying toddlers on their shoulders or strumming Mexican guitars or carrying signs like “Defend DACA — No Human Is Illegal” — filled a sidewalk with a defiance that alternated between festive and angry. ” Maria Castanada, brought from central Mexico to North Carolina at 3 and now a senior at Swarthmore College, aided by scholarships she could apply for after enrolling in DACA, told the crowd.

In Old Hag sleep paralysis stories, “victims” first sense an unknown presence of evil.The idea behind the so-called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program is to recognize that hundreds of thousands of migrants who were brought across the U. border — undocumented and often unaware — as children have grown up to accomplish wonderful things on American soil.They are top college students, nurses, and construction workers, and pillars of their local churches and neighborhoods.My 24-year-old roommate, a bit superstitious, was convinced that these nightmarish episodes were instances of paranormal activity; that, in fact, there may very well be a demon trying to possess or kill him.Tales of what we now call sleep paralysis have been told in cultures around the world for hundreds of years.

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