Dating a married man

Next day I meet this new guy and we spend a whole day together, I'm having fun when I get a text from bf, just one word something means between when we went on holiday. I know already that he won't be able to handle not seeing me until August.

He should think about trying to really work on his marriage and not leaving his wife.Then, let me be the first to burst this bubble for you: there isn’t a right and a proper way to date and have an affair with a married man, there are only problems from doing this, and I’m here to warn you about this very dangerous move.First, there aren’t many advantages of dating a married man, what you will get are headaches, problems, low self-esteem, depression, and even threats!I sent him pictures, he emailed me back right away, called each other and we set up a date for next day Sunday. I called him on it and told him that "you are calling me because you want to hear my voice".Meantime I'm getting butterflies getting to know my new date and I temporarily (or maybe forever) forget about my bf.

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