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The notes also reveal Mr Bush’s attempts to overcome opposition from the Secret Service to letting him return to Washington."I want to get home as soon as possible," Mr Bush said.Furthermore, we are not familiar with her parent’s and sibling’s identity.Also, she has not shared many of her childhood experiences and memories with us as of yet.Mr Fleischer, however, has insisted that he wanted the president to be fully briefed before talking to the Press and showed him a note saying: “Don’t say anything yet.” Mr Bush has subsequently said he wanted to collect his thoughts and did not want to alarm Americans even further by immediately leaping from his chair and leaving the room.Mr Fleischer’s notes record that as the attacks unfolded, there was so much confusion and alarm that the extraordinary step was taken of stationing an armed guard outside the door leading to the cockpit of Air Force One, just in case an undercover terrorist agent was on the plane itself.

After being told his two daughters and his wife Laura had been taken to secure locations, Mr Bush asked: “Barney?Elise married Michael in 2011 but unfortunately, it ended in tragedy. And, many of the facts indicate that they were getting most out of the marriage.However, it seems like she has left her past far behind and is ready to live her life as happy as ever."I don't want whoever this is holding me outside Washington." An aide responded: "Our people are saying it's too unsteady still." Mr Bush’s chief of staff Andy Card insisted: "The right thing is to let the dust settle." Air Force One ended up going to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, then to Offutt air base in Nebraska. Mr Fleischer’s notes suggest that Mr Bush appears to have shown a fatalistic attitude to the personal dangers he was facing.Calling his wife Laura in the afternoon of 9/11, the devout Christian tells her he loves her and is on his way home, before adding: “If I’m in the White House and there’s a plane coming my way, all I can say is I hope I read my bible that day.” Mr Bush also told Mr Cheney it was important to convey the impression that the US government was still in control.

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