Computer stuck updating 3 3

I didn't receive the CD with my computer so I downloaded and burnt a Vista recovery CD and ran Startup Repair. When was the last time you updated the drivers on your laptop? I had about 10gb free on my windows installation c:\ I haven't updated the drivers for probably about 6 months.

When you are back in windows go to start, search and type:- cmd, right click on the returned and select 'run as administrator" at the prompt type:- (pressing enter after each line) Great, thanks Jenae, I'll try it when I get home tonight. If I can't fix it in the next day or so with the help of you guys I'll do the reinstall. Can I use DOS Navigator to backup my personal files to the partition then do a factory reinstall? It took quite a while to check for updates, otherwise everything is A-OK. Please help because I have tried ALL the other fixes and none of them work :( I have a dell inspiron 1525 on vista.

You may want to use that Vista DVD you downloaded and reload the OS after removing the HD and placing it on a SATA or IDE to USB converter to extract your data.

You'll obviously have to reload your drivers and programs but you'll benefit having a clean machine.

(Windows Logo Spinning dots Resetting this PC 3% (it's been at 3% all morning)) It may evoke a repair.

#1 issue for failure to upgrade will be if your Profile / key files are NOT on your C Drive (i.e.

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