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I was introduced to different technologies and frameworks, like nodejs, Grunt, CEF etc.

along with the best practices and standards of the Brackets open source community.

Now that the job is done, we are back with the intent to innovate on features that the Brackets community would love. Hey guys, I joined the Adobe Dreamweaver team as a Software Developer this summer, straight out of college.

But my relationship with Brackets started way before that.

To that end, we’re launching the 2017 Brackets Web Tools survey to profile and understand you, and all of the apps & services that you use.

Please take part in this survey to help us understand you and your world of web development better!

We recently conducted a survey among Brackets users. 64% of the participants are less than 30 years of age.

It was open for a limited time and we had 2500 participants. Most Brackets users are Freelancers or Self-Employed. We thank all Brackets users who participated in this survey.

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j Query continues to be the most popular framework. Understanding the evolution becomes a key factor to achieve this goal, and we are constantly trying to better understand you.

Almost 800,000 people are now using Brackets every month.

Our contributors have played a major role in making sure it evolves as the leading code editor for web developers.

The Brackets team at Adobe had been focussing on bringing in Brackets as the code engine within Dreamweaver during the last 9 months.

The team has done an incredible job and it’s being appreciated by the Dreamweaver users.

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