Annapolis valley dating

It is the province’s most valuable mineral export, selling principally to markets in the eastern United States.

thus the owners and executives of the logging and mining companies as well as engineers and hi-tech professionals associated with the industry are likely to make some of the most generous singles in the social scene of this beautiful maritime province.

And 40 trillion cubic feet of offshore natural gas potential remains – one of the top natural gas basins in North America.

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Nova Scotia produces one quarter of Canada’s seafood, the largest proportion of any province..

Mineral exploration, production and related manufacturing provide more than 6,300 direct and spinoff jobs in Nova Scotia.

Mining, especially of gypsum and salt and to a lesser extent silica, peat and barite, are important economic activities – in fact gypsum provides about 38% of the value of the province’s mineral production.

Wealth of the Sea The fishery was pillar of the economy since its development as part of the economy of New France in the 17th century, based on the fish stocks off the Scotian Shelf.; however, the fishery suffered a sharp decline due to overfishing in the late 20th century.

even then Fishing continues to be a cornerstone industry sector in Nova Scotia.

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