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Get all the latest updates f Model-actress Julia Voth of Resident Evil fame is into cool stuff like cosplay and gaming, but what she does to pass her time at Burning Man was enough to make even Kevin blush. Get the latest updates fro Actor-comedian Ari Shaffir held nothing back on Pointless today.

Check out his eye opening accounts on life’s most pressing issues, like bad mushroom trips and incredible sex.

I'm not enough of an insider to really know anything about that.

He has inspired oodles at his Iron Addicts gym and online as a viral star. What better way to ring in the Pointless than an extended interview with Attack Executive Producer and Co-Founder, Yaniv FItuci?

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Original founder of G4 Charles Hirschhorn tells the full tale of the network's conception, as well as his take on G4's cancellation.

Watch as Casey discusses his creative process, life musings, and a special Pointless Podcast exclusive. Loo Joining Pointless today is writer and comedian, Brooke Van Poppelen to discuss writing comedy, Tru TV's "Hack My Life," and America's future overlord we affectionately refer to as president! Check out Brooke's new Comedic AThis year I launched a new production company and built out a full studio to create shows for Comic-Con HQ. Here’s my honest, albeit rambling untangling of the last two weeks. Follow Sara on Twitter:https://twitte League of Legends Pro Crumbz gives Kevin all the details about living in a gaming team house, unwinding between bouts of Lo L, and the future of e Sports on this week's Pointless Podcast. Get 20% off your first order of Me Undies athttps Returning to Pointless, Brian Redban gets down and dirty with gas station male enhancement pills, the future of smart cars, and dumb Apple design choices on this week's show. Go tohttps:// Dearest Diary, it's been ages since our last correspondence.

I want to thank Lionsgate/Comic Amy leaves the confines of her cubicle to discuss her disdain for dragons of a certain type, her RPG roots, and her crazy college days on this week's Pointless. Over the past few weeks, I've been working on myself and my career and I'd like to fill you all in.

Check out Jake and Amir's podcast "If I Were You" - internet with Kevin-Twitt Executive Producer of X-play and, Ryan Vance came on the Pointless Podcast to talk about the Tech-TV/G4 merger, what he is up to now, and how to make anything better with a monkey. Ge Mitchell Davis sat down with Kevin to talk about how he balances his life, his dream of freezing himself, and Kevin's new word game. Check out use code "pointless" for 25% off of The developers of Rocket League stopped by to talk with Kevin about making the game, what its like to have the most popular game out right now, and the future of Rocket League. Go to use offer code POINTThe wonderful Milana Vayntrub stopped by to talk about what makes her happy, how she got into acting, and what its like to do AT&T Commercials. Go to use offer code pointless for 10% off any purchase! Our old friend Jake Stroukel (PDP Jake) talked with Kevin about the ins and outs of a gaming company, how he got into games, and why he would trust is with his nice headsets. Go to, build your website, and enter of Kyle Newacheck of Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye/Workaholics and Danny Webber stopped by to talk about their new album, growing up in the bay, and how Workaholics got started. Go to and use promo code POINTLESS for off any The lovely Brea Grant stopped by the studio to talk about getting her laptop stolen, farts, and what its like to date Kevin.Chantal has been entertaining the music industry for the past 10 years with her band Morningwood touring around the Globe.Her record labels Troy Baker enchanted the Pointless Podcast to talk with Kevin about his move to Los Angles, becoming a voice actor, and Christopher Walken. Save on each of your first 3 rides at The guys from Tru TV's "Those Who Can't" come by the Pointless Podcast to talk about how mad it's possible to get in front of a green screen, why they set their show in a high school, and Leisure Suit Larry. Visit Andrew Bowen sat down with Kevin to talk about how he got his start as an Actor, how he started doing impersonations, and him hosting this year's Geekie Awards. Go to use promo code KEVIN for a shot at one Steve Zaragoza from Source Fed talked with Kevin about Olive Garden mistakes, Butt Stuff, and how to get out of a creative rut. Go to use promo code KEVIN for a shot at one million dollars in the Millionair Mike Shaw sits down with his old friend Kevin to reminisce about working on Attack of the Show together, his time at Nerdist, and get DEEP about religion and spirituality. Go To use promo code “attack” t Trisha Hershberger sat down with Kevin to talk about her love of computer gaming, growing up (almost) amish, and how she fights road rage with WWE action figures. Go to use promo code KEVIN for a shot at one Andrew Bowser sat down with Kevin to talk about growing up as a child actor, how he started filmmaking in the digital space, and how he came up with the character Onyx the Fortuitous. Go To use promo code POThe Zombi Unicorn (Natalie Casanova) sat down with Kevin to talk about her path to becoming a Twitch Streamer, her love of gaming, and the future of live streaming.Make internet with Kevin-Twitter - @attack Instagrams- @kevper Sna Director Eddie Schmidt came by the Pointless Podcast to talk with Kevin about his new Netflix series with Chelsea Handler, his work on Attack of the Show, and his upbringing in comedy. Visit Sessler came by the Pointless Podcast to talk with his old friend Kevin about his departure from X-Play, what games he's excited for, and his new game Friday the 13th: The Game! Go to offer code point Dee Murthy stopped by the Pointless Podcast to talk about how he started his clothing brand, what its like owning a business, and all the weird stuff he and Kevin used to eat as kids. The wonderful Anna Akana stopped by the studio to talk about auditioning, her start in comedy, and how tragedy got her to do what she loves. Remember to sign up at the POINTLESS code at checkout for a 20% discount off your first month’s subsc Director Alex Winter stops by for a quick discussion about internet privacy, Bill and Ted, and his new movie Deep Web.Check out Eddie's new show "Chelsea Does" on Netflix out now! ALSO, a bonus podcast with Kevin and his co-host on The Attack, Alex Corea.

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